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  Subject 2020 New Year Address  
Date 2019-12-31    
Content Dear management and employees of SheenBang,

A New Year´s sun of 2020 has risen.
I would like to express my heartiest wishes on new year and wish you and your family a Happy New Year filled with joy and happiness.
First of all, I want to take this as an opportunity to extend my appreciation for all your efforts made for accomplishments and achievements among such harsh environment throughout the last year.
Looking back on the year of 2019, not only the economic growth rate of Korea has deteriorated because of decreased exports to two of the largest importers of Korean products, caused by intensified trade war between China and the United States, as well as impacts of investment issues and currency fluctuations, but the continued uncertainty is expected to slow the economic in the coming year as well.
We also have observed that anti-government protests in Korea and around the world intensify due to political instability at home and abroad, and the economy is getting worse due to uncertainties caused by the political environment.
The most important fact, however, is that all members of SheenBang has worked together to overcome this crisis. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your hard work and dedication.

Dear SheenBang families!
Thank you for all the incredible work you do. Employer and employee, we work great together us two. But, we must continue to work on self development in order to lead the ever-changing global market year after year, for only the prepared can take opportunity inherent in changes without being surprised by the waves of changes. As long as every member of our organization can armor themselves with ability and wisdom to meet the global era, it will be clear that us, SheenBang, will become the best company that leads the global market. These efforts will bring us the results of steady growth of revenue and stable profitability, enabling us to continue to invest in the future and to increase welfare for our members.

Dear management and employees of SheenBang,
Regardless of the east and the west, importance of health has been emphasized before anything else. Health once lost is almost impossible to recover. Please take care of your health at all times and have a life that is full of energy.
I anticipate this new year of the rat to present difficult journey to us as usual, but at the same time I am sure that we will continue to see success as we did last year we all work with a responsible and caring attitude that we first had when we jointed this organization.
Once again, thank you for all your hard work during the last year and best wishes for your family´s happiness and peace for the new year of 2020.

January 2020

Chairman/Ph. D

Chris Park