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  Subject Sheenbang Co., Ltd. signed an agent contract with Universal Robots  
Date 2019-11-13    

Sheenbang Co., Ltd. signed an agency contract with Universal Robots on October 31, 2019.

Universal-Robots is a global leader in co-bots, leading the development of global co-bot technology. In addition, collaborative robots are cost effective, safe and flexible to deploy, making them easy to optimize automation.

Unlike industrial robots, collaborative robots do not need to install many external facilities for robots, and they do not have to be placed in places such as ceilings and walls even if they are not installed in general. And collaborative robots of Universal Robots can master how to use in a short time even if they don´t have expertise, and maintenance can be done easily. That´s why we expect customers to rethink their value added by providing solutions to the automation barriers and problems they face.

With this agency contract, Sheenbang expects to become a chance to take a step further with the goal of developing through portfolio diversification and leading the ´4th Industrial Revolution´. 

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